For more info call or e-mail:
Marie Axelsson
Fredsgatan 23
17233 Sundbyberg

+46 (0) 733-814200



About The kennel

I am instructor in the Swedish workingdog association.  I have been working with dogs since 1987 and my first dog was a gigant Schnauzer.

My goal as breeder are of course to breed healthy dogs with a good mentality suited for work and/or duty.
My ideal dog is a dog with large prey/play drive, that has some sharpness and defensdrive, it must be coragous have steady nerves and be social.

Also the average of the litter is important, breeding on individuals is nothing I belive in.
I want to know that the whole litter of which I choose my breedeing material is "good" and healthy.

I dont sell puppies to just anybody, I would like to get some referenses. I expect you to X-ray your dog, train it well  and treat it humanely.

I am not a fan of E-collars !