090913 Updated a little bit here and there , our dogs -Malinois , planned litter Griffon and more

090603 Several photogalleries updated, imported new breedingfemales, DS litter 1 years old

Good young  DS male for sale

090321 -No Mali puppies this year, my blogg is updated several times a day, unfortunately only in Swedish, dont hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about me or my dogs.

090105 Pitcures from this weekends training

081220 Updated seminar and some small things

081112 Griffon & Shih-Tzu puppies 2009 males not decided yet

081021 New Album, Belgium & Hiske

081007 New album in Gallery, Training with Frida Sundberg

08929 New Gallery with garden pictures, I have taken a Freestyle-instructors course, Jazza & Jäger has been placed under "our dogs" Jäger is still for sale

080925 New album from Stable "Stall Herkules" & Inez

080925 Added New links  among others  two of Aagjes daughters Nala & Kiara

080909 New pictures in Gallery-Kennelmeeting

080909 New pictures in Gallery

080904 New pictures in Gallery, tracking with Puppies, Aagje & Hector

080829 New Malinois Litter planned for 2009 (check Malinois->plans)

080828 New Malinois-links added (Swedish sites)

080820 New puppy pictures in Gallery

080802 Seminar Pictures now under Gallery

080721 Puppies has been out on adventure, check Gallery

080712 New Pictures in Gallery

080702 Photoalbum of Puppies on first page,and in Gallery

080625 Aagjes, Pekkerellis and Peggys puppies are born!

Check the blog for pictures and learn about parents etc on each dogs page

080417 Pekkerelli is pregnant, Aagje is mated so is Peggy

Added two new links linklexx & Zuchtportal, my Malinois puppy is born at

080309 Added a Beauceron link (Silogårdens kennel) added a page about Swedish trials (Its an old page which I will rewrite soon)

080302- Five new movies of the puppies Misc->gallery

080227- Updated link page, please let me know if I missed YOUR homepage!


080219 -Under MISC->Gallery are some movies of the Shih-Tzu puppies

080218- Added more links

080211 Started work on  link page and added page about Kent

080210 Updated Malinois pages, Shih-Tzu pages and news:)

080205 Added puppy plans in all breeds, added all info on Griffon

08-02-04 Bertil Norlings and Vixax E´Lynx (Buddha) did their certificate to become security dogs



080131 New homepage launched, be patient soon the page will be updated